Seven Lactation Consultants with one phone call!

We’re here for you during the Coronavirus crisis

We are here to support you during this uncertain time wherever you live – in the UK or overseas. In the past few months we have supported families from Norbiton to New Zealand and from Kew to Kiev! We are highly experienced and trained in remote consultations through telephone and online media. Please click here to find out about your options. The UK government’s current recommendation for social distancing means that we cannot offer home visits to our clients.

Key information regarding breastfeeding and coronavirus

From the available evidence, here are the current key messages for breastfeeding mothers:

  • Breastfeeding isn’t just about food. Breastfeeding mothers produce antibodies and other immune factors in their milk, which helps to protect their babies and enhance their babies’ immune systems. This continues as long as breastfeeding does. (UNICEF – Infant feeding during the Covid-19 outbreak, March 2020)
  •  Stopping breastfeeding will lead to a decrease in immune factors being available to a baby to fight any infection
  • Breastfed babies will always have a supply of food – whether the shops are open or not
  • There is currently no evidence that Covid19 can be passed on via an infected mother’s milk  (Public Health England, March 2020)
  • Generally increasing breastfeeding rates even moderately would save 53,000 GP visits and 9,000 hospitalisations with childhood illnesses: keeping our babies and young children out of high-risk medical settings, and reducing the load on the NHS  (UNICEF- Preventing disease and saving resources: the potential contribution of increasing breastfeeding rates in the UK, October 2012)

This website has an excellent summary of the international health organisations’ statements on coronavirus and breastfeeding:

Re-starting breastfeeding

Some mothers who have recently stopped breastfeeding are seeking help with starting to breastfeed again (re-lactation), which is possible depending on the age of your baby, the length of time the baby was breastfed before ceasing and how much time has passed since stopping. In addition, mothers who are mixed feeding may wish to get support with increasing their milk supply and reducing their need for formula.  Here is some good information on re-lactation:

London Lactation Consultants can offer online consultations to support mothers wishing to re-start breastfeeding, or to discuss questions around mixed feeding, in addition to the full range of breastfeeding-related issues we have supported mothers with for many years.

  • Just to say a massive thank you for today - it was lovely to meet you and get all your good advice. It was such a relief to be heard and listened too in such a calm and professional manner, as many women as possible should be aware of your services. I'll definitely recommend your services to a couple of friends who are due soon too.
    — Elizabeth, SW19
  • Was absolutely wonderful to meet you this morning... You were my island in a giant sea of utter uncertainty!!!! Thank you for your considered advice, professionalism and evidence based comment and for being clear, approachable and generally very nice indeed! I feel the best I have felt in 4 days since speaking with you. Mum and Dad couldn't get over how brilliant you were too.
    — Meg, South London
  • I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help. We had the best night's sleep so far last night and my baby's been busy today helping with my poor old engorged boobs (which are miles better today). There is much less fussing and much more latching. We're both much happier!
    — Ellie, Kingston
  • Huge huge thanks for your time and advice yesterday. I so appreciated your kindness and all your time in watching the feed and advising me. I felt reassured and more confident about feeding after seeing you.
    — E, Kingston
  • You were personable, observant, and rigorous in detail, giving me the confidence to start attempting breastfeeding again. You went through a technique which would work for me. It worked. I would recommend you for anyone struggling with technique, confidence, and the diagnosis of any problems. I felt utterly comfortable with you in my house, and with my new baby.
    — Sarah, Ealing
  • You immediately, put me at ease and due to your medical background and experience, were able to offer valuable advice and support. Not only did you make a huge difference to my feeding problems, you were also a lovely, calm person to be visited by - a must for any mums having problems with feeding.
    — Joanna, Richmond
  • Your support and excellent advice have enabled me to continue exclusive breastfeeding as I wanted and for my son to gain nearly 800g in the 4 weeks following your visit. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of support with breastfeeding.
    — Ruth, Ealing
  • Thank you doesn’t even come close to expressing our HUGE gratitude and appreciation for all you’ve done for us, in our slightly rockier-than-expected journey with our baby’s feeding….We both feel 100%, that without your incredible support, we would not be where we are today with our happy, healthy daughter.
    — Emma, Surbiton
  • Your support, advice and the comfort you offered our family…was invaluable. You helped me figure out how to do what was best for my baby and what was best for me. I felt so supported by you in the process and so grateful that you helped us find success with breastfeeding. I cannot thank you enough for that.
    — Mary, Surbiton
  • [My Lactation Consultant] has a wonderfully supportive, positive and kind manner and I'm truly very grateful to her for her help. She came to my house and worked with me when I was unable to breastfeed after leaving hospital with my baby girl…. With her support and advice I gradually transitioned from bottle feeding to breastfeeding - something which I was desperate to achieve but could hardly believe would be possible in the early days. I really can't thank her enough.
    — Clare, Holland Park
  • I cannot tell you the difference you have made to our lives. [My baby] has been taking the breast more and more and managed almost 5 minutes on each breast yesterday which brought tears to my eyes…. Feeding is now a pleasurable experience and I just love having her in my arms while she drinks, bottle or breast. [My baby] is so much happier during feeding time and we are having a lot more eye contact and it is truly amazing. You really were an answer to prayers.
    — Michelle, Wandsworth
  • We are getting on so much better now with breastfeeding and I no longer have any discomfort… In fact, I am really enjoying the ease and flexibility of it! I'm so grateful for all your help and advice - it was much harder than I had imagined to get started and I think I needed the encouragement to keep going, so thank you.
    — Helen, Wandsworth
  • After contacting the London Lactation Consultants they organised a consultation at my house very quickly. My husband and I thought [our Lactation Consultant] was really great. With her balance approach she shared her extensive experience and knowledge with both of us to help sort out any feeding issues, putting us at ease and reassuring me that I was doing a good job. She helped with positioning and made some suggestions to improve my son's latch. I definitely have had a better feeding experience with my son since our consultation.
    — Amy, West London
  • The time I spent with [my Lactation Consultant] really transformed my breastfeeding experience. I went from being in near constant pain and needing to use nipple shields to feeding successfully with little pain in just a couple of hours. [My Lactation Consultant] also spotted my daughter's tongue tie ( that had been missed by two midwives) which enabled us to get treatment quickly and made a huge difference to how effectively my daughter fed. We are now four weeks in and breastfeeding is a real joy.
    — Lisa, Worcester Park
  • I had not expected breastfeeding to be so challenging and was in excruciating pain, and starting to dread each feed. My Lactation Consultant took a detailed history, and observed me breastfeeding providing some very helpful advice, pointers and reassurance.
    Breastfeeding is now significantly less painful and I feel much more confident. I certainly believe that arranging a consultation is a worthwhile investment as I can now enjoy a great bonding experience with my daughter.

    — Laura, Richmond
  • [My Lactation Consultant] was wonderful. She visited quickly supporting us through a nursing strike, and then a period of separation. She offered fantastic advice, and her visit was a major turning point for me . Her aftercare support was above and beyond with several chats and texts whenever there was a hiccup. She has helped me grow into a confident mother and for that I will be eternally grateful .
    — Jill, Putney
  • I have learnt a huge amount about breast feeding and I'm delighted that I now have a solution to prevent hunching over whilst feeding and latching challenges by adopting the biological nurturing/laid back feeding position. I found our session invaluable. I have shared your leaflet on my nct whatsapp group and will certainly recommend you to friends in the future.
    — Jenny, Putney
  • It has now been over a month since your last visit, and I wanted to tell you that my baby has been feeding on the breast successfully for almost 4 whole weeks! My baby is barely choking anymore, and I am no longer suffering from engorgement. My nipples have fully recovered - something which, I thought, would never happen! Finally, he has been gaining weight at the speed of light since switching back to the breast, and - although numbers are just numbers - he’s back to his birth centile curve! I really want to thank you for your help - you have been a huge help, and I would probably have given up without you!
    — Alice, Notting Hill
  • [My Lactation Consultant] was fantastic and provided invaluable advice regarding breastfeeding our newborn twins. She was incredibly calm and made me feel much more confident. Three months later I’m still exclusively breastfeeding our twins, so we’re very grateful!
    — Laura, Tooting Bec